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About Homepluz

Homepluz Soap Dispenser

We have more than 20 years’ experience in soap dispenser and toiletry holder design and production and supply smart refillable dispensers to business and home use market. We provide a customized service for our clients and keep ourselves flexible and adaptable to best fulfill the needs of our clients. With strong back up of our engineer and production know-how, we work with customer directly to provide in time and best solutions and supply the soap dispenser products they need. Providing a client led experience is at the heart of what we do at Homepluz.

We look forward to greater collaboration with growing range of diverse clients from around the world especially on our sustainable soap dispenser models that greatly reduce reliance on the single use plastic bottles. The stylish design makes our dispenser not only a nice decoration to install on the wall, but one that displays a support for sustainable practice. Going forward, we aim to promote our soap dispensers that can reduce plastic waste, and expand the market with our soap dispenser for a better and sustainable environment.

Best support from Homepluz to complement your business

We offer smart refill soap dispenser for sustainable use to minimize waste on plastic bottles. Customer can expect flexible service including customized dispenser, careful in quality, efficient and safe delivery from us. Please click on the left image with video of what we do at Homepluz. Videos are also available at【MOVIES】below.

Prompt and flexible service to accommodate different market need

Our experienced team provide prompt and profession solutions from order to shipment. We accommodate different order requests from standard to customized dispensers, small to large orders, port to door delivery. We devoted ourselves in making refillable soap dispensers and amenity bottle holders and keen on sustainable solution for long term cooperation with our clients worldwide. Please click on the left image with video of how we make it at Homepluz. Videos are also available at【MOVIES】below.

About Homepluz and our soap dispenser development

Our experienced engineers and production team has more than 20 years in product developing and production. Started from 2000, with growing awareness on sustainable environment, soap dispensers became an earth friendly option. We started to develop refillable and reusable soap dispenser with ecofriendly solution. And we integrated this solution into customized dispensers for hotel industry to replace amenity bottles. Going forward, we hope to encourage our existing clients and attract new clients to join with us to expand the market with our dispensers that has great consideration for the environment in which we all depend.


Best support from Homepluz to complement your business

Homepluz Offer prompt and flexible service to accommodate different market need

About Homepluz and our soap dispensers

Benefits clients can expect when they collaborate with Homepluz

Homepluz provide customized soap dispenser service

Homepluz vision for the future

Modern Design Compact Size Soap Dispenser

Homepluz compact size dispenser can fill 250ml, a nice selection for hand soap or hand lotion to be mounted above countersink top to free the sink top space. The elegant design in beige color fits to all types of bathrooms or restroom deco.

Dual Chamber Non-Leaking Soap Dispenser

Homepluz dual chamber soap dispenser, each chamber can fill 250ml liquid soap. The patented non-leaking pump is lab approved to sustain 100,000 times dispense and still functions well. It is easy use and requires only little maintain to refill when liquid soap is emptied.

Small Wall Mount Hand Soap Dispenser

Have trouble to keep everything tidy in small bathroom? This small hand soap dispenser is designed to free your space when you have limited space in bathroom, and restroom. This hand soap dispenser can be wall mounted to free your counter top space.

Home Use Soap Dispenser

Homepluz home use soap dispenser is designed for easy use by home users. This double chamber soap dispenser included with 2 inner refillable cartridges, each cartridge can fill 250ml. This is suitable for home kitchen for dish wash and hand soap or in the restroom for hand wash gel and hand lotion. And the refill step is quick and easy, home user can tell soap volume through the clear window on the dispenser and know when it’s time to refill