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Wall Mount Soap Dispensers Collection

Wall Mount Soap Dispensers Collection


Soap Dispensers Collection

We offer variety of wall mount soap dispensers for liquid soap and foam soap. For full copy of our soap dispenser catalogs or catalog for separate dispenser series, kindly download from following links. Click the image on the left to download.

Catalog - 2024 Homepluz New Soap Dispenser & Bottle Wall Holder

【Click Left Image To Download】Wall mount shower dispensers with new color options, various size capacity from 250ml to 1000ml. Tamper proof bottle shelf for different size and shape amenity bottles.

Catalog - Soap Dispenser Catalog With Full Selection

【Click Left Image To Download】Our shower dispensers for both home use and commercial use dispensers. Different size options from small 250ml to large 1000ml to fit different needs, with full ranges from single, double, triple and 4 bottles.

HP-Linear – 500ml Stainless Wall Bottle Holder

【Click Left Image To Download】Full size options include single, double and triple bottle holders for 500ml bottle. The tamper proof feature can keep the bottles in place safely and cannot be removed by guests and users. It is designed for easy install and quick refill. All these features make this bottle holder easy maintain product.

HP-100 Classic - Wall Mounted Bathroom Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】Wall mounted soap dispensers is for bathrooms and hotel use. This soap dispenser is lockable to ensure free of pollution concern on soap liquid inside. Each soap dispenser models with separate cartridges, easy refill and easy replace by housekeeper. The cartridge material is SGS approved BPA free, and safe to use with alcohol container sanitizer, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, etc.

HP-200 Curve - Wall Mount Hotel Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】350ml lockable wall mounted soap dispenser is designed for hotel use. This soap dispenser is equipped with either a refillable or a sealed replaceable inner cartridge. The refillable and replaceable cartridge provides an efficient and friendly system for housekeeper, a perfect solution to reduce amenity bottle waste.

HP-300 Trio - Wall Mount Shower Caddy Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】The Trio Shower Caddy Soap Dispenser provides an ideal solution to organize variety of shower liquids used in the bathroom. Liquids are stored in 1.5 oz. refillable chambers hidden behind a nice looking shell that easily attached to the shower wall. A mirror is installed with a soap dish as well as hooks to hand small stuffs to keep tidy.

HP-500 Futura - Wall Mount Sink Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】Our Wall Mounted Sink Soap Dispenser can keep sink area nice and neat. The wide open design on top make it easy for quick refill. The restroom use sink soap dispenser is one hand operation, and each dispense provides you adequate amount of soap liquid you need. It’s easy to see how much soap left with transparent container design.

HP-600 Smart - Wall Mounted Easy Refill Kitchen Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】The Easy Refill Kitchen Soap Dispenser can fill 580ml, wall mounted and quick wall install by 3M tape. Simple structure with easy refill into dispenser tank directly. Made by ABS for durable purpose, rust resistant and non-leaking, one of our most quick install and easy maintain model. One of our bestselling in both domestic and foreign markets.

HP-700 Chic - Wall Mounted Shower Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】This CHIC wall mountable soap dispenser is among our best selling in the market. The simple style design can fit with different types of bathroom deco, and the quick refill and replace design make it an easy use dispenser regardless at home or hotel. Each shampoo dispenser for shower bottle can refill 500ml shower gel.

HP-725 Mini Chic - Hand and Shower Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】This wall mounted 250 liquid hand soap dispenser with quality non-leaking pump, it is lab approved to sustain 100,000 times press and still functions well. The soap dispensing pump also with liquid draw back function that guarantee no dripping after each press. This mini size hand soap dispenser is designed for small space use, each soap dispenser chamber can fill 250ml.

HP-800 Olives - Dispenser for Hand Sanitizer

【Click Left Image To Download】Hand sanitizer dispenser can help to keep hand hygiene and stay healthy. Each dispenser can fill 380 ml hand sanitizer gel. Easy wall mount with kit included, medium size suitable for both home and commercial space use. The large dispenser button can easily pressed by children and elders to keep clean and away from virus.

HP-900 Cube - Wall Mounted Durable Hand Wash Sink Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】Durable wall mounted hand wash dispenser is made by quality ABS material, rust and scratch resistant for long term daily use. Innovative patented non-leaking pump dispense precise amount of liquid soap at each press. Large capacity 750ml in square compact look design. Customized color and logo options available.

HP-1000 Capsule - Foam & Liquid Public Toilet Soap Dispenser

【Click Left Image To Download】This 1000ml large capacity wall mounted foam and gel dispenser is lockable, suitable for commercial use. Each 1000ml full bottle can dispense 2500 times. It is lockable, safety to use in public toilet and bathroom. The foam pump can dispense ready to use foam soap and gel pump can use with all types of liquid soap and lotion. Large hand press panel for easy hand press and clean.

Download | Taiwan Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Manufacturer | HOMEPLUZ

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a soap and shampoo dispensers manufacturer. Their main soap dispenser, including Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser, Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Hotel Soap Dispenser, Industrial Soap Dispenser, Shampoo Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser, Black Wall Soap Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Liquid Dispenser, Toiletry Dispenser and so forth.

Simple and stylish soap and shampoo dispenser package design provides well protection for the product inside and clear product image outside the box. Each set comes with instruction manual and installation kit including screws, anchors, adhesive tapes and silicone.

HOMEPLUZ has been offering customers high-quality hotel and bathroom soap dispensers, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, HOMEPLUZ ensures each customer's demands are met.