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    New Design For Amenity Bottle Holder
    23 Dec, 2021

    New design series launched!Homepluz have been supplying refillable soap dispensers to hotels for years; we have received feedback on wall mount bottle holder used in hotel. Hotels need bottle holders with locking mechanism for safety, and still easy to refill and replace by housekeeper. We need to consider both safety use and efficient daily maintenance, that is, easy to refill but difficult to take away bottle.Therefore, Homepluz team decide re-design the stainless soap dispenser holder to improve all the weakness for better use.Firstly, we use thin stainless wire surround the bottle top and keep the bottles in place and to give holder tamper proof functions, bottles are fixed on holder to prevent from taking away. One big advantage of using thin wire to hold bottle is that, after bottles installed, the bracket holder is almost invisible behind bottles and fully show branding on bottles.The new design dispenser holder tamper proof system require a T-Bar wrench as key to release the amenity bottles from holder. Use T-bar to loose the nuts and allow the stainless wire to be adjustable for quick replace and refill. After bottles are filled, then tighten the nuts again to fix the bottles on holder.Furthermore, considering daily use in the shower room, the material we use for this holder is stainless SUS304, this is anti-rust material for shower room use. The most important, this holder can be customized to fit your amenity bottles with order above 500~1000 pcs.This new design stainless holder provides the solution for hotel use brand toiletry bottle. The finest material with smart locking design in nice look. The tamper proof for safety use. Invisible bracket to fully show branding on bottle. And easy customized to fit different size and shape brand bottles.For more information about the stainless bottle holder, please see product link below.Welcome to contact to us directly for any inquiry.

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    Handwashing-Clean hands protect against infection
    18 Mar, 2020

    With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, what can we do to protect ourselves and reducing the spread of virus? As simple as it is, that is Handwashing!Ever since the virus outbreak, people are getting aware of the importance of Hand Hygiene. Washing hand with hand soap is the most simple and effective way to kill the virus on our hands, and further to stop the virus invading our body via mouth, nose, and eyes through our hands.With increasing awareness on environment, it is recommended to fill hand soap or sanitizer in refillable dispenser. Users can improve not only hand hygiene but also environment by reducing plastic bottles waste.Homepluz Soap Dispenser look after both your health and environment.

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    2019 Homepluz Soap Dispenser Ft. O'Right Shampoo
    15 Nov, 2019

    In 2019, our Presidential Office started a project named “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building” to promote tourism in Taiwan.And we are excited that the soap dispenser O’right and Homepluz developed together is selected for this activity! It is now installed in the guest room in the Presidential Office Building.O’right is famous for its natural ingredients shampoo and shower gel that is not only good for our skin but also no harm to the environment.Based on this green purpose, we work with O’right to develop a customized soap dispenser that speak for their brand with repetitive use feature by using Homepluz refillable insert bottle system for this product. Further, we design the dispenser cover by its unique bottle shape that reminds user of their regular shampoo bottle to enhance brand image.We are very proud of ourselves for making this soap dispenser and to be part of this activity! Above all, we hope we can communicate with all users of Green thoughts for repetitive use and minimize waste on material.

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    2018 The 25th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments and Supplies Exhibition
    06 Dec, 2018

    As one of the most important part of the mega event Hotel Plus - Total Solution for Commercial Properties, The 25th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments and Supplies Exhibition will be held during Dec.,16-18, 2018 at Guangzhou . According to the purchase demand of buyers, The 25th Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments and Supplies Exhibition set up seven exhibition halls like Building & Decoration, Engineering & Design, Interior Design, Expo Lighting, Appliance Amenities, Fitness & Leisure, Textile & Uniform, covering about 80,000sqm of exhibiting space to show case advanced green and high-end building materials, state of the art designs, advanced smart systems and finest amenities.BOOTH : Hall 14 ., 2 BOOTH 045-048

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    01 Oct, 2018

    Hsumao Industrial has participated H.K. Mega Show Part I in October for 6 consecutive years. Mega Show offers a great opportunity to meet customers to present new products face to face, also long-term customers to discuss possible project developing.We are hoping to expand our products to more markets through wider distribution channels. We will be glad to introducing Hsumao Industrial and our products to you.If you would like to visit us during the show, you can leave a message or e-mail us. We will prepare sufficient samples and keep quality time for presentation during your visiting.Date: October 20 - 23, 2018 BOOTH : 3C-D14 Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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