Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Mini Chic bathroom twin soap dispenser 250 ml X 2 chamber is With robust wall-mounting plates and screws, it can withstand the rigours of dispensing soap daily while still retaining its charm.

Chic Dispenser

Chic Dispenser

The Square soap dispensers are available in single , double or triple chambers and it is refillable wall mounted soap dispensers for lotion, liquid soap dispenser, shampoos & conditioners soap dispensers. The Square soap dispenser ensures as fine design and clear functionality.


HOMEPLUZ Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Service Introduction

Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1980, in the l Wall mounted Soap Dispenser, HOMEPLUZ has been offering our customers high quality Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, HOMEPLUZ always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers

Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser

Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser
Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser
Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser
Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser

Wall mounted soap dispensers is the best solution to declutter your space in shower room, bathroom, countertop, and sink area. With a single or double or triple head wall mount soap dispensers, you can clear away all the bottles.

Other than keep your space nice and neat, you can also add a touch of sophisticated with quiet luxury by using our stylish soap dispenser in the shower room and restroom. They are perfect for both home and business use including hotel, restaurant, school, public restroom, yoga center, fitness club, yoga center, swimming pool, and any place with shower facility.


  • Eliminate bottle clutter with this convenient dispenser
  • Level indicator windows show when it's time to refill
  • Lid lifts up and chambers pop out for easy refilling
  • Installs in minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape (included).
  • LIFETIME Limited Warranty
  • Wall Mount Double Soap Dispenser
    Wall Mount Double Soap Dispenser
    Refillable 350ml Wall Mount Soap Dispenser in Chrome

    This refillable with 350ml wall mounted double soap and lotion dispenser is excellent to declutter bathroom space, it is our classic model widely used by users worldwide. The wall mount solution is a new idea to organize your shampoo and shower gel bottles without leaving them on the floor in a mess.

  • Wall Mount Hand Soap Dispenser
    Wall Mount Hand Soap Dispenser
    Wall Mounted Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser

    250ml designer wall mounted double hand dispenser is 250ml in each chamber. This Mini Chic double designer liquid soap dispensers are available in single and double chambers; they are with smart design for easy fill and refill with shampoo, shower gel, lotion, conditioner and other liquid soap. It is easy to view soap level with clear window design on front cover.

  • Bathroom Soap Dispenser
    Bathroom Soap Dispenser
    Shower Gel and Shampoo Double Bathroom Soap Dispenser

    300ml plastic shower gel and shampoo double bahtroom soap dispenser is easy to use with low maintenance. This shower gel and shampoo dispenser are available in 1 and 2 chambers. It is easy to fill and refill with shampoo, shower gel, lotion, conditioner and other liquid soap, and also easy to view soap level with clear window design on front cover. The see-through bottle allows user to observe how much soap liquid has been filled and refilled.

  • Hand Soap Dispenser
    Hand Soap Dispenser
    Big Capacity Hand Soap Dispenser

    This durable big capacity hand soap dispenser is ideal if you want a less cluttered basin in your kitchen and restroom. This Cube hand soap dispenser is designed to be durable for everyday use, it is with rust-resistant surface for easy maintenance and cleaning. The non-leaking pump dispense precise amount of soap at each press which is helpful to reduce waste and keep your kitchen and restroom basin nice and neat. The last but not the least, the large button design makes it easy to push and use even for children and elders.

  • Soap Dispenser Black
    Soap Dispenser Black
    Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Black

    Matte black is the new fashion in interior design. Our wall mounted refillable matte black soap dispensers are designed to match matte black tiles or modern design shower rooms. They are simple, understated and yet, stylish! Our matte black shampoo and lotion dispenser add a touch of sophisticated with quiet luxury in the shower room either at home or in the yoga center, fitness gym, and spa center.

  • Wall Mounted Shower Dispenser
    Wall Mounted Shower Dispenser
    500ml Wall Mounted Shower Dispenser

    Non-leaking refillable 500ml wall mounted shower soap dispensers are available in single, double, triple and four chambers. This reliable and refillable wall mounted soap dispenser is designed for all kinds of liquid soap, such as lotions, shampoo and conditioner. Its patented non-leaking pump mechanism dispense precise soap volume at each press, and it is designed for one-hand operation. The unit can be easily refilled by flip up cover and fill directly in the insert cartridges.

  • Non-Leaking Soap Dispenser
    Non-Leaking Soap Dispenser
    Lockable, Refillable 350ml Non-Leaking Soap Dispenser

    Lockable, refillable 350ml wall mounted shower gel non-leaking soap dispenser adds a touch low-key and understated luxury at home. This wall mounted shampoo and soap dispenser helps de-clutter your shower room or sink areas in style! Easy installation with kits included in each set. Installation takes only few minutes by silicone glue and double-side tape supplied with each product. 350ml wall mounted shower gel soap dispensers are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 chambers.

  • Kitchen Soap Dispenser
    Kitchen Soap Dispenser
    Easy Refill Kitchen Soap Dispenser

    Smart your life by using smart soap dispenser. It is easy refill design on this plastic wall mounted hand wash kitchen soap dispenser. This dispenser is wide open on top, you can fill, refill directly from the top, and it's also easy to be cleaned. The simple design makes it easy to use and perfect as bath and kitchen soap dispenser. Absolutely ideal for hand soap, dish wash.

  • Sink Soap Dispenser
    Sink Soap Dispenser
    Restroom Use Sink Soap Dispenser

    Our wall mounted restroom use sink soap dispenser can keep sink area nice and nest. The wide open design on top make it easy and fast to fill / refill.This restroom use sink soap dispenser is one hand operation, and each dispense provides you adequate amount of soap liquid you need. It is easy to monitor how much soap liquid has been used with this transparent body design. This wall mounted sink soap dispenser is 500ml capacity with low maintenance required.

  • Shower Caddy Dispenser
    Shower Caddy Dispenser
    3 chamber soap dispenser organizer

    The Trio shower Gel Organizer, provides a ideal solution to eliminate bathtub bottle clutter and costly spills. The Trio shower Gel Organizer allows you to organize a variety of shower liquids used in the household. Liquids are stored in 15 oz. refillable chambers hidden behind an attractive shell that easily attaches to the shower wall with silicone glue and two-way tape (included). With a fog-resistant mirror perfect for shaving in the shower and a soap dish plus hooks to neatly hang razors The unique top shelf holds extra bottles and shower items. With one or two strokes of the pump, just the right amount of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, liquid soap or shower gel is dispensed ensuring there is no excess which would otherwise go down the drain. Installs in minutes without tools using silicone and two way tape (included).

  • Soap Dispenser Cartridge
    Soap Dispenser Cartridge
    Soap Dispenser Refillable Inner Bottle

    Each soap dispenser product you purchase from Homepluz includes a certified inner bottle. All bottles are permanently marked with production date and Homepluz logo on it; every bottle is tested by our standard inspection procedure before delivery to our clients. Recyclable and Refillable PP Plastic Bottle Homepluz wall mount soap dispensers are refillable and designed to install on the wall to declutter the bathroom space and counter top space in the kitchen. And with growing awareness on environmental friendly and health, There are more and more people would use homemade shower gel, or homemade laundry and dishwasher detergent. PP (Polypropylene plastic) refillable bottles in our soap dispensers are both acid and alkali resistance, and they are also phthalates and BPA free. Furthermore, PP bottles are also heat resistance to 160 degree of Celsius, they are safe to use even in the sauna room without liquid decay concern. Here are more bottle options produced by HOMEPLUZ, you can start to use them NOW!

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