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For any questions you have, please fill out the inquiry form below or e-mail us at any time, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • No. 195, Renhe Rd., Daya District, Taichung City 42864, Taiwan
  • +886-4-25609856
  • +886-4-25609875

OEM Project Manager: Zoe Hsu

  • Contact: Zoe Hsu
  • Skype: zoe0912
  • E-mail:


  • Contact: 徐紫容
  • Skype: zoe0912
  • E-mail:

English Sales Representative: Letitia Wei

  • Contact: Letitia Wei
  • Skype: wei.letitia
  • WeChat: Letitia-Hsumao
  • E-mail:

Taiwan Sales Representative: Irene Kao

  • Contact: Irene Kao
  • Skype: sweetcicy1231
  • LINE: hsumao25609856
  • E-mail:

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