From Soap Dispenser to Total Solution



About Homepluz

Homepluz has been a manufacturer of bathroom accessories for more than 40 years. We focus on soap dispenser system. We believe a sustainable solution can reduce small bottle waste. There are more and more people willing to make a small effort to make the world green and clean. That is what Homepluz aim to do.

Here is reason why we can provide better and efficient solutions to customer and users. Homepluz has many years’ experience of plastic material production and dealing directly with customers. We know how to provide best solution to solve the problems from dispenser production to product delivery.

Here is Homepluz brief history.


We started from a plastic injection factory. And at the same time, we cooperated with customers for customized production. And through this process, Homepluz built our ability from product design to a complete product.


With our effort in product design and production in the past 2 decades, we started to improve our design capability, and started to develop the products that meet market requirement.


With growing awareness on environmental friendly, soap dispensers became an earth friendly options. We started to develop ecofriendly solution and efficient system for soap dispensers. And we integrated this solution into customized dispensers for hotel industry to replace amenity bottles.


Due to global impact of pandemic since early 2020, there are increasing demand on hygiene products and sensor dispensers. Soap dispenser is not just for hotel and home shower rooms, people are getting aware the importance of hand hygiene and using soap dispensers to fill hand sanitizers and disinfectant products. As a result, in 2020, we place great emphasis on sensor dispenser developing for disinfectant products.

Go forward, we devote to provide products with aesthetic design, and above all, to supply products that help hotel and home users to cope with new life style with better hygiene requirement.

Our Team

We have experienced staff from product develop to production and to marketing. Our staff are average 10-year experience in this industry. We do not simply produce and sell products to our clients, we consider their requirements, and recommend the products suite for their market, and find solution for their need.

Our team is young with great passion and experiences in our professions. We work together to provide best quality products and service to our customers. We already exported our products to nearly 100 countries, and we look forward to exploring more opportunities and cooperate with more customers around the world.


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