How to work with Homepluz for customized dispensers?

Customized Process & Options

How to work with Homepluz for customized dispensers?

Customized Process & Options
Customized Process & Options

We provide customized service from design to production. Our service including customized branding logo and customized design and production. Customers can add their own brand logo on soap dispensers and individual package box for consistent image to promote their brand in the market. We can also help customer to bring their concepts and ideas into actual design and then proceed to production.

Customized Project Developing Process

Customized project developing process from preliminary design to mould to final production, this process may take up to 3 to 6 months depends on project complexity. Please see customized process step by step below.

Customized Dispenser Process

Step 1 - Draft Design
Through fully discussion with customers, we form preliminary draft of soap dispenser. During this stage, we would provide our suggestions for the product design based on customers’ request and need, and to form the preliminary draft.
Step 2 - Finalized Design with structure
We will proceed to work on the product structure and fittings of each parts, and finalized the design for one complete dispenser. And send to customers for review and if any further adjustments require.
Step 3 – Prototype
We will work on the product prototype (mockup) to do final check on the design, fittings, any special mechanism of the product, and make sure all is correct before going to mould.
Step 4 – Mould
We will proceed to mould, and this process takes about 8 ~ 12 weeks from making the moulds to trial injection. And we will exam the trial injection samples, and check if every part is correct before going to production.
Step 5 – Production
We can go mass production by customer’s order.

Customized Options

Please continue to see more customized dispenser service we can do, and more actual customized projects we have completed.

Brand Logo On Homepluz Wall Mount Dispenser
Customer can add their own logo on Homepluz wall mount soap dispensers or use their own design box to provide consistent image in their market. Adding logo on our existing soap dispenser is easy with little extra cost required which is very common options customer choose. please see customized logo and color examples below.

Customized Logo & Color Example

Customize Dispenser Utilize Homepluz Cartridge & Pump System
Customers who are in hotel supply industry and cosmetics business would cooperate with us for our know-how on dispenser pump and cartridge system. They tend to have their own customized dispenser look to speak for their brand, and utilize our existing disposable or refillable cartridge and pump system inside their customized dispenser cover. By utilizing our existing cartridge and pump system, we can greatly reduce the developing time and cost for our customers. Please click on the image for the customized dispenser that utilize our existing pump and cartridge system. You can go to the link below for customized dispenser projects we completed.
Customized Design To Production
Customers have ready design, we can customized produced exactly by your design in our production line as well. If customer only have ideas, or just a concept with sketch, we can help to build their own dispenser from design to prototype to production. We are capable in design based on our customers’ ideas; and utilize our know-how on material and form the product design and further, bring the design into actual products. Regardless customer need soap dispenser for home use market or for business use in hotel and public space, we can combine customer’s need with our know-how and resources for customized soap dispenser. You can go to the link below for the customized dispenser we have completed from design to production.
Alter Wall Fixture Size To Fit Your Bottle
This wall fixture series is made by stainless and can be easily altered to fit different size bottles, regardless the bottle is tall or short, fat or thin, we can customized made the holder by your size bottles (minimum quantity 500~1000 pcs). This is an ideal selection for Hotel and cosmetics suppliers using consistent size and shape bottles for the shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, etc. This wall holder can help to organize the bottles on wall with tamper proof, bottles would be fixed on holder, no need to worry being taken away. Furthermore, this wall fixture is almost invisible and hide behind bottles, looks light and fully show the branding on bottles to deliver strong brand images to hotel guests and users.
Homepluz respect our client’s intelligent property. We understand the importance and value behind each new idea and concept, and we know how much efforts and works must take behind every product design. Therefore, we keep customized dispenser project material and design confidential and make sure all project communication and discussion does not involve any irrelevant 3rd parties and personals to prevent any unnecessary disclosure.
Recommend Products
  • Custom logo Soap Dispenser
    Custom logo Soap Dispenser
    Customized Logo Soap Dispenser

    We offer a wide range of options to put your customized logo on our shower soap dispenser; and the techniques include logo sticker, branding sticker, screen printing, and laser etching logo. Custom logo add personal touch, individual style on the soap dispenser, and let the dispenser speak for your brand.Customized logo solution is suitable for soap dispenser used in hotel and motel. This solution is also ideal for body care and cosmetic products that will be filled in the dispenser. You can see below for the logo branding technique we use, frequently asked questions as well as the customized logo shower dispenser project examples we have completed.

  • Custom Package Soap Dispenser
    Custom Package Soap Dispenser
    Customized Package Soap Dispenser

    A lot of our clients are in retailer business, and a custom printed package on our soap dispenser retail box is a good way to enhance brand image. And to make our home use soap dispenser even more appealing on the market shelf, custom printed retail box can even be updated every season to accommodate their seasonal promotion theme.Other than retail box, a personalized instruction manual by local language would be helpful for user to DIY installing our wall mount soap dispenser. You can see below for the frequently asked questions as well as the customized package soap dispenser project examples we have completed.

  • Custom Color Liquid Dispenser
    Custom Color Liquid Dispenser
    Customized Color Soap Dispenser

    Create your own color on our soap dispenser is a way to make the soap dispenser unique in the market. The custom color techniques including painting, plastic injection, and transfer print to fully cover the soap dispenser.You can see below for the color technique we use, frequently asked questions as well as the customized color liquid dispenser project examples we have completed.

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