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  • Resort Bathroom Soap Dispenser
    Resort Bathroom Soap Dispenser
    Model No. HP-700-4W

    Homepluz bathroom dispenser is designed for commercial use such as hotel resort, motel, villa, etc. Customized logo can be added on the bathroom dispenser body, such as resort icon, logo, and seasonal promotion theme. And this is helpful to create consistent brand image, or variety promotional theme that would certainly impress the tourist guests for coming back again.

  • Matte Black Bathroom Dispenser
    Matte Black Bathroom Dispenser
    Model No. HP-700-2B

    Homepluz matte black bathroom dispenser is with two chambers and suitable to install in the bathroom. The matte black is designed to meet the trendy interior design. By installing this soap dispenser on the wall in the bathroom, it declutter your bathroom space, further, the matte black color adds a touch of sophisticated and quite luxury to your bathroom space.

Result 1 - 2 of 2

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