Why Choose Homepluz Soap Dispenser?

Homepluz Soap Dispenser

Homepluz Soap Dispenser

Why Choose Homepluz Soap Dispenser?

For users who decide to use Homepluz soap dispensers, they care about the earth friendly and environment issues, and hope to minimize the use of plastic bottles, and reduce the consumption on materials. Soap Dispenser is one ideal option, especially Homepluz soap dispenser, we design and produce practical and durable shower dispensers from inner structure to product look. The quality control is fully executed step by step through production for product guarantee; our soap dispensers can be used for more than 3 years and still in good condition. If any product issues occur within 1~3 years (depends on products), customer can come back to us, we will respond immediately with solution or replacements. Followings are more detail about our service and products.

Diverse Soap Dispenser Selection

Homepluz built its very first soap dispenser 20 years ago that can be used till last drop of soap, and this has been one of the most popular feature of our soap dispenser. But the features and demanding from the market for toiletries has been very different now. People need them to be organic, or with fragrance, or antibacterial, or with branding, etc, and different content liquid soap with different cartridge requirements. And for toiletries used in hotel, it may require hotel logo on it, or with special requests on the installation, etc. In 2020, we launch a wall bottle holder that can be adjusted to fit with different branding toiletry bottles. This provides brand toiletry suppliers and hotels more options, other than traditional ABS dispenser; they can build their own wall holder that exclusively fit with their toiletry bottles.

Customized Dispenser & Full Backup Service

There is nothing more exciting than working with our customers to build their own customized dispenses. There is often that customer need to develop a customized dispenser of their own brand or to label the dispenser in their logo, we would review and proposed our suggestions by customer’s needs; and have regular web meetings to discuss the details through developing process. This can greatly save customer’s time to search on their own. If dispensers would eventually installed at the hotels, we can provide visual aid instruction steps printed on paper, and instruction video with how to install and refill, replace, etc. Customers receive not only ordered dispensers from Homepluz, but also fully support from our engineering team for product know-how, production team for fine quality guarantee, and marketing team for marketing material made exclusively for them. Our customers can 100% focus on their own marketing and selling the dispensers in their market, and we can be their strong back up with comprehend service from the start of one project to final shipments.

On-Time Delivery For Shampoo Dispenser Orders

Ever since Covid outbreak in 2020, there is much uncertainty in the shipment delivery. In order to assure on time delivery, Homepluz has put precaution measures in our daily exercise to make sure our production runs smoothly during Covid; and we never shutdown our production through these times. We complete and delivery customers’ orders on time by scheduled as promised. We help to allocate and distribute customers’ orders by cooperated logistic to different locations worldwide, customer can receive order promptly and do better inventory control.

ISO 9001 Standardize Process And SGS Approved Dispenser

We incorporated ISO 9001 quality system to standardize our operation process and procedures, and hence, to make our production and inspection to be accurately executed in our daily operation. We devote to manufacture and supply the products that in compliance with industrial standard. Our dispensing pump is lab test certified to sustain 100,000 times life cycle and still functions well. Our soap cartridge is SGS approved BPA free, customer can use our cartridge with daily use shower gel and shampoo without any safety concern.

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Why Choose Homepluz Soap Dispenser? | Taiwan Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Manufacturer | HOMEPLUZ

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a soap and shampoo dispensers manufacturer. Their main soap dispenser, including Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser, Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Hotel Soap Dispenser, Industrial Soap Dispenser, Shampoo Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser, Black Wall Soap Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Liquid Dispenser, Toiletry Dispenser and so forth.

Simple and stylish soap and shampoo dispenser package design provides well protection for the product inside and clear product image outside the box. Each set comes with instruction manual and installation kit including screws, anchors, adhesive tapes and silicone.

HOMEPLUZ has been offering customers high-quality hotel and bathroom soap dispensers, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, HOMEPLUZ ensures each customer's demands are met.