ISO 9001 Quality System & Certifciate

From order, to production, to delivery, we make sure every step we take is both environmental friendly and people friendly.

The idea of making durable products for sustainable planet and creating a friendly and safe working environment for employee is deeply rooted in our business practice.

quality policy

Homepluz is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified factory with precise quality control system at each of our production process to ensure consistent quality product delivery to our users’ hands.

Homepluz is awarded for WCA (workplace conditions assessment) by Intertek. The assessment graded on our performance from quality system, environment system, and working condition friendliness.

Green Policy

A shower dispenser that can sustain 100,000 times use that effectively reduce the bottles and package material waste.

A BPA free shampoo dispenser is safe for daily use without any impact on our body and environment.

A water saving shower head that is compliance with Water Sense in USA and SASO in Saudi Arabia can help to reduce water consumption and use the water resources efficiently.

People Policy

We care not only environment but our people. We know every achievements we make requires everyone’s effort in HOMPELUZ family. Creating a safe and friendly working environment for them is our core beliefs.

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