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Design and Production Solution

Design and Production Solution


Design & Production Solution

We offer total solutions for soap dispenser amenities from design to production and to order distribution. We can accommodate customers’ different needs for the dispenser products they are looking for, and provide our best suggestions and solutions to fulfill their requirements. We help customers to put their idea into actual product design. Further, we utilize different materials and find the best solution to achieve required function and look for the developing soap dispenser products. We help customer to deliver and distribute the goods to their request destination regardless to port or to door. And we also provide quality photos and videos as marketing material to our clients to promote our soap dispenser in their local market. And we devote to design package box to best represent our products, and at the same time, with best protection on the products.

With strong back up on our experienced team with professions, we are proud of our capability and flexibility in coping our customers’ need. We help our customers with our know-how to find best solutions for the soap dispenser products they need. Here are various solutions we can offer, including design solution, material solution, production solution, distribution solution, and above all, marketing solutions.

Design Solution

From Idea to Products - Customers may come to us with their own designs, sketches or even just ideas, and our team is competent to put ideas into product design, and to actual products. We work with customers directly and closely through product developing process, we can respond to customer’s request in timely manner with solid recommendation and solution they need.

Material Solution

Utilize different material options - Our engineers have decades’ experience and knowledge on all sorts of materials including plastic, silicone, rubber and metal, etc. We are competent to utilize each materials’ characteristics, and consider all sorts of options and possibility, and to find out best material solution to achieve the purpose function and look for the products.

Production Solution

Production Process - Our production lead time is usually 3~6 weeks depends on order volume and if any customized change on product. Production process including following steps.

Production Process
  • Step 1: We will confirm all details with customers from order item, quantity, and products’ details including product model, color, and package. After all detail is clarified and approved, we will proceed to production.
  • Step 2: One or more materials may be used on one product, we will proceed to production simultaneously for different materials’ parts in one order including plastic injection, and metal forming (cutting, bending, welding)
  • Step 3: Surface finish including coating into different colors, or electric plating process for chrome finish.
  • Step 4: After all steps above are done, will then proceed to final assembling and packing.
  • Step 5: Ship to our customers.
Distribution Solution

From factory to your warehouse - We offer different shipping solutions including Ex-Work, FOB, CIF, and even DDU to door delivery to accommodate customer’s different distribution need.

Marketing Solution

Fine quality and design retail box - We design our retail box to best present our products. Our customers and distributors can use our standard retail box or customized them with their own logo. Promotion material of photos and videos - We offer promotion materials including all sorts of images in different background product photos from different angles, all free download from our website. And further, we make videos with product benefits and step by step wall install procedures. This greatly help our distributors to promote our products in their local markets. They can easily edit those promotion material to adapt their local market and easily form their own promotion material

SOLUTIONS FOR DISPENSER AMENITY | Taiwan Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Manufacturer | HOMEPLUZ

Located in Taiwan since 1980, Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a soap and shampoo dispensers manufacturer. Their main soap dispenser, including Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser, Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Hotel Soap Dispenser, Industrial Soap Dispenser, Shampoo Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser, Black Wall Soap Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Liquid Dispenser, Toiletry Dispenser and so forth.

Simple and stylish soap and shampoo dispenser package design provides well protection for the product inside and clear product image outside the box. Each set comes with instruction manual and installation kit including screws, anchors, adhesive tapes and silicone.

HOMEPLUZ has been offering customers high-quality hotel and bathroom soap dispensers, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, HOMEPLUZ ensures each customer's demands are met.