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  • Handheld Shower
    Handheld Shower

    simple one hand-held shower head Simple one hand-held shower head is the entry level hand held shower head of Homepluz. This product is durable and shatterproof as it is composed by quality plastic material. It is also a water saving product with central water supply through its 4 cm diameter shower head. The handle is 19 cm long and weights 80 gram that can be easily hold by one hand. And it is suitable for outdoor use in camping car or tent, etc…, and also very convenient for pet shower. simple one hand-held shower head is light weight, central water supply, and easy holding that can be used either indoor or outdoor.

  • ON/OFF Shower Head
    ON/OFF Shower Head


  • ON / OFF 2 Setting
    ON / OFF 2 Setting

    The Handheld Shower Head Spray was designed to provide the user with a relaxing experience when showering. Included with the hand held shower spray is a diverter valve which allows the user to switch water flow from the regular shower head to the handheld shower spray with the flick of a switch. An added feature built into the handle is an on / off switch which allows the user a simple way to turn the water flow on or off.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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