Wall Mount Soap Dispenser Black

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Mini Chic bathroom twin soap dispenser 250 ml X 2 chamber is With robust wall-mounting plates and screws, it can withstand the rigours of dispensing soap daily while still retaining its charm.

Chic Dispenser

Chic Dispenser

The Square soap dispensers are available in single , double or triple chambers and it is refillable wall mounted soap dispensers for lotion, liquid soap dispenser, shampoos & conditioners soap dispensers. The Square soap dispenser ensures as fine design and clear functionality.


HOMEPLUZ Wall Mount Soap Dispenser Black Service Introduction

Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Wall Mount Soap Dispenser Black supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1980, in the l Wall mounted Soap Dispenser, HOMEPLUZ has been offering our customers high quality Wall Mount Soap Dispenser Black production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, HOMEPLUZ always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Wall Mount Soap Dispenser Black

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Black

Wall Mounted Shampoo and lotion Soap Dispenser Black

Matte Black Wall Mount Soap Dispenser
Matte Black Wall Mount Soap Dispenser

Matte black is the new fashion in interior design. Our wall mounted refillable matte black soap dispensers are designed to match matte black tiles or modern design shower rooms. They are simple, understated and yet, stylish! Our matte black shampoo and lotion dispenser add a touch of sophisticated with quiet luxury in the shower room either at home or in the yoga center, fitness gym, and spa center.

Maximum Convenience & Minimum Maintenance

  • Wall mount solution to free your shower room and countertop space
  • Clear window to view soap level
  • Easy Installation with kit included
  • Easy filling and refilling
  • Repetitive use can minimize waste and be earth friendly
  • Made by ABS plastic and rust resistant

BPA Free Bottle for Liquid Soap

  • This is approved by 3rd party lab
  • Safety material that is good for our skin and environment
  • Free of concern to fill liquid soap that has direct contact with our skin everyday

Pump Sustains More Than 100,000 Times Push

  • This is approved by 3rd party lab
  • Pump can sustain more than 100,000 times push and still functions well
  • Durable, Reliable, and Sustainable
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  • Shampoo Dispenser
    Shampoo Dispenser
    Model No. DH-700-1B

    Homepluz shampoo dispenser is made by rust resistant and durable ABS material as well as BPA free refillable inner soap bottle. This shampoo dispenser is certainly not for shampoo only, it can be filled with any type of liquid you need in the shower room at home or any business premises with shower facility.

  • Matte Black Bathroom Dispenser
    Matte Black Bathroom Dispenser
    Model No. DH-700-2B

    Homepluz matte black bathroom dispenser is with two chambers and suitable to install in the bathroom. The matte black is designed to meet the trendy interior design. By installing this soap dispenser on the wall in the bathroom, it declutter your bathroom space, further, the matte black color adds a touch of sophisticated and quite luxury to your bathroom space.

  • Convenient Soap Dispenser
    Convenient Soap Dispenser
    Model No. DH-725-1B

    Homepluz soap dispenser offers a convenient option for your bathroom toiletry. The mini size itself is for convenient purpose, you can install this dispenser anywhere at home without worrying about heavy or bulk looking. 250ml capacity is suitable for little consumption soap liquid such as hand wash gel or hand lotion.

  • Manual Soap Dispenser
    Manual Soap Dispenser
    Model No. DH-725-2B

    Homepluz manual soap dispenser can be easily operated by one hand; no battery, and thus low maintenance are required. Plus, this dispenser is made by long lasting and rust resistance material with easy filling and refilling design. All these features make this item perfect for both home use and commercial use at business premises.

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