Wall Mount Hand Wash Soap Dispenser

Hand Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Hand Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Regular hand washing is one of the best way to remove germs and stay healthy especially when you are returning home from outside. This double dispenser can be filled with hand soap and hand lotion to keep your hand hygiene and take care your skin as well.

Wall Mounted Hand Wash Bottle Holder

Wall Mounted Hand Wash Bottle Holder

This wall mounted handwashing bottle holder is a utility solution to keep your hand hygiene. The clear bottle enables user to see what’s inside and offer user a comfort and care-free using experience. Lockable feature makes it safe to use in public space with single, double, triple holder options available.


35 Years of Wall Mount Hand Wash Soap Dispenser | Soap & Tissue Dispenser Manufacturer | HOMEPLUZ

Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1980, is a Wall Mount Hand Wash Soap Dispenser | soap and shampoo dispenser manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Simple and stylish soap and shampoo dispenser package design provides well protection for the product inside and clear product image outside the box. Each set comes with instruction manual and installation kit including screws, anchors, adhesive tapes and silicone.

HOMEPLUZ has been offering customers high-quality bathroom soap and tissue dispensers, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, HOMEPLUZ ensures each customer's demands are met.

Wall Mount Hand Wash Soap Dispenser

Durable Big Capacity Hand Soap Dispenser

Durable big capacity hand soap dispenser
Durable big capacity hand soap dispenser

This durable big capacity hand wash soap dispenser is ideal if you want a less cluttered basin in your kitchen and restroom. This Cube hand soap dispenser is designed to be durable for everyday use, it is with rust-resistant surface for easy maintenance and cleaning. The non-leaking pump dispense precise amount of soap at each press which is helpful to reduce waste and keep your kitchen and restroom basin nice and neat. The last but not the least, the large button design makes it easy to push and use even for children and elders.

Product Feature & Benefit

  • Wall Mount – Free your countertop space
  • Clear Window – Easy to view soap level
  • Large Button – Easy to push for everyone, include children and elders
  • Easy Installation – Instruction manual & installation kit included
  • Easy Fill & Refill – Remove top cap and fill directly

Plastic ABS soap dispenser

  • Better Durability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Moisture resistance

One Hand Operation

  • One hand operation for easy use
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  • Hand Wash Soap Dispenser
    Hand Wash Soap Dispenser
    Model No. DH-900-W

    Homepluz best selling dispenser is one of the best selling model among all our selections. This best selling dispenser is particularly popular among home users for its great durability, large capacity, and easy use, easy clean characteristic. The material is ABS with scratch, moisture, and impact resistance. And the large pump button design makes it easy push even for children.

  • Easy Fill and Easy Clean Soap Dispenser
    Easy Fill and Easy Clean Soap Dispenser
    Model No. DH-900-B

    Homepluz wall mount hand wash dispenser is designed for easy filling and easy clean by user. The clear window shows the liquid soap level and user can easily tell when need to refill. And when it comes to refill, just remove the top cap, and fill liquid soap directly into it, put back the top cap, all is done. Other than easy filling, it's also easy to clean. The whole dispenser can be moved from the back plate that fixed on the wall, user can clean the dispenser body by water completely.

  • Square Hand Wash Dispenser
    Square Hand Wash Dispenser
    Model No. DH-900-VP

    Homepluz square hand wash dispenser for liquid soap can be fitted in all types of spaces. The simple look of this soap dispenser can be blended into different kind of background design or tile. It is suitable to be wall mounted in your shower room and sink area in the restroom and kitchen. And 4 different color options available, you can choose the one that best fitting to your sink top area.

  • Easy Press Wall Mount Dispenser
    Easy Press Wall Mount Dispenser
    Model No. DH-900-SP

    Homepluz easy press wall mount dispenser equips not only large capacity with 750ml, but also one large pump button for easy press. And the pump press design is for one hand operation; everyone in the family can use this soap dispenser easily.

Result 1 - 4 of 4

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