Dispenser for Hotel Use

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Mini Chic bathroom twin soap dispenser 250 ml X 2 chamber is With robust wall-mounting plates and screws, it can withstand the rigours of dispensing soap daily while still retaining its charm.

Chic Dispenser

Chic Dispenser

The Square soap dispensers are available in single , double or triple chambers and it is refillable wall mounted soap dispensers for lotion, liquid soap dispenser, shampoos & conditioners soap dispensers. The Square soap dispenser ensures as fine design and clear functionality.


HOMEPLUZ Dispenser for Hotel Use Service Introduction

Hsumao Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Dispenser for Hotel Use supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1980, in the l Wall mounted Soap Dispenser, HOMEPLUZ has been offering our customers high quality Dispenser for Hotel Use production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, HOMEPLUZ always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Dispenser for Hotel Use

Model No. DH-200-1SP

hand dispenser

Curve Soap & Shower Dispensers 350ml

Hotel Amenities Dispenser
Hotel Amenities Dispenser

Homepluz soap dispenser for hotel use can greatly reduce plastic bottle waste and offer hotels cost saving options, and at the same time, outstand hotel brand image to all their guests. Housekeeper would also appreciate the time saving benefits for not having to replace amenity bottles daily. This hotel soap dispenser system not only a cost efficient option but also a time efficient solution.

Benefits for Hotel Use

  • Soap Dispenser cover can be customized with private logo and to match bathroom color
  • Shampoo can be 100% used inside cartridge before replaced by housekeepers
  • Cartridges can be refilled or replaced once every two weeks instead of replacing used amenity bottles every time and this saves housekeepers a lot of work
  • Bulk liquid is less expensive and repetitive use soap dispenser cover is also eco-friendly
  • Minimize the waste of soap liquid and small bottles and reduce carbon footprint


  • Material: Plastic ABS + PP Bottle for liquid soap
  • Color Options: White, Gunmetal Gray, Silver, Chrome
  • Capacity: 350ml (11.8oz) x 1 Bottle
  • Each Dispense: 0.7 ml
  • Item Size: H 270 x W 95 x D 80 mm
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

Where To Use

  • This product can be used at

Safety Locking Device

  • Each set equips with key & lock
  • Only authorized staff can access to the liquid soap

Soap Dispenser Refillable System

  • Pull inner cartridge outward
  • Remove cartridge top cap
  • Fill and refill

Soap Dispenser Non-Refillable System

  • Pull inner cartridge outward
  • Replace directly

Installation Kit Included

  • Instruction Manual
  • Indication label
  • Screws & Anchors
  • Silicone Glue & Tape

Install by Screws & Anchors

  • 1. Flip up the cover and remove the refill bottle insert
  • 2. Mark the locations of the screw holes
  • 3. Drill the holes
  • 4. Use a hammer to put in wall anchors
  • 5. Place the unit against the wall, screw into position
  • 6. Reinsert refill bottle and close
  • Please refer to Movies below

Install by Silicone Glue

  • 1. Clean the wall carefully and dry well
  • 2. Apply double-sided tape and glue to the back
  • 3. Use all of the tube for maximum bond. Press firmly onto wall
  • 4. Do not fill container for 24 hours to allow the silicone time to fully dry
  • Please refer to Movies below

Use for the First Time

  • 1. Hold the back of the unit, pull on the front panel
  • 2. Hold the refill bottle and pull forward
  • 3. Refill the bottle
  • 4. Reinsert refill bottle and close
  • 5. Keep pushing the pump until continuous flow of liquid
  • Please refer to Movies below


  • 1 PC in a retail box, 24 piece in a master carton
  • Carton N.W.: 8.9 kg, G.W.: 10 kg
  • Carton CBM: 0.079

Order Information

  • MOQ: 500 PC
  • Lead Time: 30 days
  • Term: EX-Work, FOB, CIF, DDU, etc.

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