What to consider when choosing a wall mounted soap dispenser?

10 Key points when choose soap dispenser

10 Key points when choose soap dispenser

What to consider when choosing a wall mounted soap dispenser?

Wall mounted soap dispenser is more convenient in small bathroom spaces, saving counter-top space. Customer opting for wall-mounted soap dispensers contribute to reducing plastic waste through refillable containers, promoting environmental sustainability while maintaining a clean and organized shower space.
Hotels in particular need wall mount soap dispensers for space efficiency and maintaining a tidy shower area, facilitating easy refilling, and ensuring cleanliness for housekeeping staff.

Top 10 key points to consider when choosing soap dispenser

The market offers numerous options for wall-mounted soap dispensers, making it essential to discern the one that truly suits our needs. The following is the 10 key considerations when selection a soap dispenser.

1. Where to use

Soap dispenser installed outside restroom, it is usually single style soap dispenser filled with hand wash soap; lockable feature and size capacity is the main consideration. And for soap dispenser used in the shower bathroom, it requires double or triple style dispenser that can be filled 2 ~3 different soap liquids and looks neat and organized on the wall. Homepluz provides a diverse selection of soap dispensers, ranging from single-chamber options to double, triple and even quadruple chamber dispensers.

2. Ease of Use

Evaluate soap dispenser button size and design, if it is user friendly even for children and elderly. User-Friendly buttons enhance the overall soap dispenser using experience, ensuring satisfaction among a diverse user base.

3. Dispensing Control

Some soap dispensers offer dispensing control feature, aiding in saving soap and providing a better user experience by allowing users to adjust usage according to their needs. The industrial-grade pump valve of Homepluz soap dispensers ensures the dispensing of a precise volume with ease. Please refer to video below at 【MOVIES】for more detail about our dispensing pump feature.

4. Use Frequency

If the soap dispenser is in high frequency of use or consumption, choose for large-capacity dispensers to reduce the frequency of refilling and ensure continuous convenience for users. Homepluz offers soap dispensers with diverse size capacities, ranging from 250ml to 1000ml. Please refer to【RECOMMEND PRODUCTS】below for the various size capacities soap dispensers we offer.

5. Appearance And Style

Choose a soap dispenser that complements the bathroom’s style and aligns with the brand image; seamlessly integrating into the overall décor to enhance aesthetic appeal. Homepluz soap dispensers embody a Nordic style, characterized by simplicity, elegance and understated luxury.

6. Material and Durability

Ensure the soap dispenser is made of sturdy and durable materials capable of withstanding long-term use and common cleaning procedures, extending the product’s lifespan. Homepluz soap dispenser is laboratory tested and approved to withstand a life cycle of 100,000 times while maintaining optimal functionality.

7. Refilling Method

Understand the dispenser’s refilling method, ensuring it is convenient, quick and efficient. Homepluz soap dispensers, for example, feature an easy-open top for hassle free refilling, enhancing usability.

8. Soap Type filled in Soap Dispenser

Take into account the type of soap, whether it’s gel or foam, and fill the dispenser accordingly. Homepluz offers dispensers for both types of soap, be it gel or foam.

9. Anti Theft Soap Dispenser

Considering the potential risks of theft or mischief in public places, choose dispensers equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure the security of the soap. Homepluz provides secure, wall-mounted soap dispensers with anti-theft features to ensure safe usage when installed in public spaces.

10. Brand Reputation

Consider opting for well-known and reputable brands. Homepluz with over 30 years of business history, ensures product reliability, providing customers with the most suitable solutions. We strongly recommend you go to【MOVIES】below for short introduction film about Homepluz.

Be carefully considering these factors, you can select a wall-mounted soap dispenser that truly meets your needs, providing a satisfying user experience. You can explore our product range on our official website, choose the items that suit your requirements, and inquire with us for ordering. We aim to respond within 48 hours on business days.


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